Guy Davis says his Blues is inspired by his grandmother's southern speech. Although born in the New York area, he grew up listening to the stories of his parents and grandparents about rural life in the South. So these stories become part of his music. The musician himself learns how to play on guitar by watching other great guitarists. For the first time, he played blues on a summer camp at Vermont run by Pete Seeger's brother John Seeger, where he learned how to play the five-string banjo.[2]Over the last two decades, Davis has been concentrating much of his efforts on writing, recording, and performing music. In the autumn of 1995, he released his debut album “Stomp Down Rider” to “the Red House”, which attracted Davis into an amazing live performance. The album is ranked nationwide, including in the Boston Globe and Pulse magazine. He is one of the most popular and loved blues musicians in USA. 

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